Cornerstone FAQs

Who do you run courses for?

ZISHI Cornerstone runs courses for global audiences and all types of participants: individuals, teams, whole organisations, and board members, across all areas of financial services, governance, regulation and risk, and trading. Banks, brokers, commodity producers, consumers, refiners, distribution and storage companies; market regulators and government departments; sales and marketing personnel; support and operations; fund managers and investors. Whatever your training and qualification requirements, we will have the knowledge you need.

Who will deliver the training?

Live face-to-face sessions are classroom-based and led by experienced educators, trainers and practitioners who engage to bring theory to life through real-time data and real-world insight. Our trainers will draw on the specific sector and subject for all delegates to ensure relevance to every client and every situation.

What level are your courses and content pitched at?

We take pride in demystifying complicated subject matter, offering varying levels of content for new entrants, intermediates and seasoned professionals. For those at the start of their journey, expanding or updating their knowledge, together we prepare our learners for their next level.

How do you deliver virtually?

Virtual courses are delivered in the way that works for you. Some may only be short sessions, others can last a day with breaks, and longer courses may span over separate days. They can be trainer-led or self-learning through LMS with online support available. Our courses can be adapted around your specific needs where possible, so please just ask and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

What does your training or consultancy support cost?

With the exception of our open course public programmes, we will consider several factors in our pricing on a case-by-case basis, to ensure you get the most appropriate proposal with costs. The ROI (return on investment) is important to us and we are happy to work with you after the delivery of any service to ensure you can see where money spent has made a real difference.

Do you run training in your offices?

Our office in Bromley, London and Milton Keynes have hosted training on a face-to-face basis in the past, however most of our training will be conducted in your own office. Our open public courses are offered virtually currently, but are likely to be held in financial hubs, and most commonly in London.

Can you deliver hybrid training, some virtual and others face to face, in the same session?

Yes, we always consider this where possible. However, we need to review the IT and communications arrangements to make sure all attending delegates benefit in the same way and have equal access to our SME Consultant Tutors and training material.

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