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Problem Solving & Decision Making 



Problem Solving & Decision Making 

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Course Overview


This course is aimed at members of staff who wish to enhance problem solving and decision- making capabilities in their organisation using creative approaches where appropriate. This creativity is either demonstrated in the problem-solving process through thinking “outside the box” or in the creative use of well-known tools and techniques.


The course will demonstrate various tools and techniques and will take participants through the techniques in the analysis of problems, identification, resolution and implementing of decisions.


The techniques will mean that staff will compete against the best in the world when making commercially sound and rigorous decisions. The course will be centred on problem analysis and solution tools demonstrated across a range of problem solving situations with exercises, case studies and creative scenarios.


Learning Objectives


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:


  • Employ creative and practical tools to identify the real source of a problem.
  • State clearly the problem in the form of an objective so that everybody involved in the process understands clearly what needs to be achieved.
  • Use problem solving tools to reach creative and logical solutions.
  • Use team work approaches and recognise their value in both problem solving and decision making.
  • Reduce problem solution time and improve the creative quality of the decisions reached.

Course Modules


  • Defining creativity: working with a creative mindset, can everybody be creative?
  • Identifying the real source of the problem
  • The principles of systematic problem solving
  • Team problem solving: utilising different individuals’ styles and approaches to enhance team problem solving effectiveness
  • Creative approaches

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