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“This qualification provides foundational knowledge and acts as an introduction into capital markets. In addition, this provides relevant industry transferable soft-skills to launch your trading career.”

Rob Russell, Global Head Professional Qualifications, ZISHI


Delivered by OSTC using the Group’s world-class ZISHI knowledge suite, this qualification is based on attaining a solid introduction to trading on financial markets and includes the required educational elements to progress onto further trading training courses. Alternatively, the certification is also a valuable step towards confidently securing a junior supporting role within the finance sector.

As a foundation level certification, the primary purpose of this qualification is to give students a sound foundation of knowledge for operations in capital markets while preparing them for further financial qualifications, including the ZISHI Level 3 Diploma in Financial TradingLevel 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading and Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading.

This qualification can also lead to enhanced employability in a range of supporting financial services jobs that may include back office support/administrator, trainee compliance officer, investment administration and trainee risk manager, amongst others.


Students who pass the course will receive a recognised Ofqual certified qualification. The course is 100% portfolio based and empowers graduates to practically apply the knowledge, skills and insights gained through the course using a professional infrastructure. In addition, students will develop their understanding based on global economic events and the effect on capital markets, understand associated risk and develop a professional routine – all welcome traits that are sought after by employers.

  • Fully Accredited & Ofqual Regulated within the Regulated Qualification Framework & European Qualification Framework (Level 3 status)
  • Trade real-time price data with Tier-1 front end trading systems
  • FX, commodities, Indices and Government Bonds
  • Employability skills session and industry overview


Upon successful completion of the ZISHI Level 2 Certificate in Financial Trading, students will attain a series of employer-friendly, transferable skills including:

  • Time management
  • Independence
  • Resolve
  • Research

Entry requirements

Applicants must be 16 years and over.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, although it is recommended that applicants have:
• an interest in the financial services sector and
• hold a Maths GCSE at Grade A-C (or equivalent) or higher.

Initial assessments will be conducted to ensure applicants can produce evidence to the required educational standard.

What modules are included in this financial qualification?

Level 2 Certificate in Financial Trading


1. Introduction to financial asset classes and market forces

Learners will develop foundation knowledge and skills to understand how financial market forces influence how the financial markets operate. They will also demonstrate an understanding of financial analysis at foundation level, as well as an appreciation for economic events both past and present and how they contextually relate to financial markets in the here and now.

2. Introduction to financial asset class products and underlying markets

The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the different types of financial asset classes and financial products and associated underlying markets. Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of the processes of speculation and risk mitigation.

3. Foundation financial trading strategies and associated risk

Students will cultivate the understanding and skills to be able to recognise trading opportunities and execute basic trading strategies. Learners will build and maintain a trading plan of market trading activity.

They will also develop an understanding of the associated risks with speculative trades, as well as effective risk mitigation via account management or the use of hedging techniques. Learners will progress towards a higher level of emotional intelligence and its relevance to trading.

4. Introduction to clearing, settlements and investment operations

Students will develop a knowledge of global financial market exchanges, operations and the functions of clearinghouses. In conjunction, students will develop an understanding of back-office procedures, processes and effective risk mitigation.

Who is the ZISHI Level 2 Certification for?

The ZISHI Level 2 Certificate in Financial Trading is a financial trading qualification aimed at 16+ learners, who may wish to pursue financial trading training to a more advanced level, or seek roles in a supporting format, be it in trading, back office or investment administration.

Learners will gain both foundational knowledge of trading and supporting roles and (as often happens) the certificate provides an educational springboard from which to progress onto the ZISHI Level 3 Diploma and ZISHI Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading.

After this course, can I become a Trader?

The Level 2 certification delivers a foundational level of trading theory on global financial markets that is recognised by employers. However, it is recommended that all candidates wanting to master financial trading tools or understand exactly how to become a trader progress to and acquire the ZISHI Level 5 Advanced Diploma.

You may be wondering why you should work in financial services. It is here that graduates of the programme will attain greater professional competency and learn how to leverage the trading technologies required for employability – and success as a trader thereafter.

Which career options do I have with this qualification?

The primary purpose of the Level 2 Certificate in Financial Trading is to prepare learners for employment in a range of supporting roles within the finance sector or jobs in financial services. Examples include back-office support/administrator, trainee compliance officer, investment administration and trainee risk manager, amongst others.


You will learn from our leading consultants, coaches and course facilitators. They have a wealth of experience training global multinationals, financial exchanges, consumer goods companies and of course, students and undergraduates in the art of hedging, risk management, futures and options trading.





Hannah has a wide range of experience in Futures markets, from energy to soft commodities, metals and interest rates, and focused much of her activity on world-leading exchanges including ICE, CME and EUREX. In 2018 she joined OSTC’s central knowledge suite, ZISHI. As Head of Education, Hannah supports all educational initiatives and offers hands-on support for our global network of universities.





Jon holds a wealth of trading experience dating back to the mid-1980s, starting out at BNP and JP Morgan before becoming an independent trader on London’s LIFFE exchange. After the closure of ‘the pits’, Jon made a successful transition to electronic trading where he adapted his style to suit the new format of trading. Most of his career has been spent trading Government Bond Futures and Equity Indices, while in recent years his speciality has shifted over into STIR products. For the last decade, Jon has become more and more involved with trader education, writing courses, webinars and presentations. He particularly enjoys educating new traders and helping them navigate the path from novice to self- sustained trader.

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