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Our ZISHI Elite innovations can deliver valuable financial performance anlaysis and inisghts to keep you at your peak. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions so you can understand how Elite can work for you.

What is ZISHI Elite?

ZISHI Elite is an arm of the ZISHI business that uses technology to analyse workplace performance data. These insights allow you to maximise performance and functioning. It helps a user to understand the conditions that their body and mind need to perform at their peak, then maintain it.

Who are the members of the ZISHI team?

The ZISHI Elite team includes some of the world’s brightest minds. It is a collective of highly respected trading experts and academics from the world of Elite performance who have amassed decades of experience and lead the way in their specific sectors.

What is the ZISHI Elite app?

We have created an app that analyses daily performance against a variety of factors. These include heart rate, heart rate variability, stress, anxiety, positive and negative emotions, amongst other things. The Elite app analyses data that was previously unseen. It uncovers correlations that are affecting an individual’s financial performance.

What devices does the ZISHI Elite app work with?

The Elite app currently works with both iOS and Android devices.

Does the ZISHI Elite app give feedback?

More than simply bringing performance to the surface, the app responds to an individual’s personal data with personalised content. This is designed to help them adapt behaviours and habits. From how to mitigate stress on the body and introduce mindfulness, to how sleep quality impacts how much profit they make. It helps reduce the margins of error by allowing users to understand themselves and their financial performance in more detail. It increases their likelihood to succeed.

This feedback is given in the form of almost 200 unique articles, videos and charts. It highlights correlations and their strengths, giving full visibility to the user and allowing them to take ownership of their own data.

Can this tech be used to uncover data for other firms and industries?

Although personal to the individual, the ZISHI Elite app can be made bespoke to the business and its needs by adjusting the performance metrics. While it was designed originally for OSTC traders, Elite can be used for varying businesses which need to measure against sales targets, customers’ votes and calls handled, or profit and loss.

It is specifically designed to allow this flexibility and for companies from multiple disciplines to benefit from its use. The end user can update the performance metrics manually allowing the app to become truly bespoke.

Who sees the data?

We take data protection very seriously. We abide by all the regulations surrounding this type of data collection, regarding both how it is handled and stored. At ZISHI, only the trader themselves ever see their data.

This app has been designed for the end user and is not used by any senior management to judge any employee’s performance. The ZISHI Elite app is in place to help them improve performance and for an employee to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

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