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Uniting for Industry Excellence:

ZISHI & ICE Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of Transformative Exchange and Clearing Development Programme.

14 December 2023 — ZISHI, the premier training and education partner specialising in learning and development solutions for financial services businesses, and the Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) (NYSE:ICE), a leading global provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure, proudly recognise the one-year anniversary of their education partnership – the Exchange and Clearing Development Programme (ECDP). Since its inception, the collaboration has proven instrumental in advancing a better connected business understanding, fostering resilience, and building a foundation for current and future performance, career development and retention.

With an increasingly dynamic financial landscape, the need for ongoing education is more critical than ever. This working exchange and training provider partnership bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring professionals are equipped not only with a deep understanding of market dynamics but also with the practical skills necessary to navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

Praise for the Exchange and Clearing Development Programme

Over the past year, through the ECDP – a multifaceted range of tailored financial markets workshops, virtual training, e-learning and blended learning methods – ZISHI has successfully delivered numerous specialist programmes for ICE.

Lauded by participants as “practical and informative,” and having “exceeded [my] expectations,” notable ECDP topics covered Derivatives, Clearing, Market Regulation, Market Supervision, Risk, Treasury and Operations, the Delivery Process and Default Management together with a range of ICE product areas. Alongside the ECD programme and across 2023, ZISHI also delivered a diverse range of open enrolment courses with topics including derivatives, options and technical analysis (Derivative Markets: 101 | ICE).

The strength of feedback reinforces the critical role of practitioner-led training in tailoring educational content to meet the evolving needs of industry professionals. As active participants in the market, ZISHI’s faculty of expert trainers ensures programmes provide a blend of practical skill development and knowledge enhancement.

The Importance of Exchanges and Training Company Collaboration:

The partnership between ICE and ZISHI underscores the symbiotic relationship between exchanges and specialised training companies. Chris Jenkins, CEO of ZISHI, says “we are incredibly proud of this ongoing partnership with ICE, to be delivering education for and with one of the world’s largest exchanges.” Chris goes on to emphasise “collaboration between exchanges and education providers is vital for the evolution of the financial industry. Exchanges bring real-world market expertise, whilst specialist training providers like ZISHI, with our faculty of expert practitioners, are best placed to deliver targeted, hands-on education. Together, we have created a dynamic ecosystem that elevates the capabilities of industry professionals.

Neil Scurlock, Head of ICE Education, said “ICE has been an ardent supporter and administrator of financial educations programs for the last twenty years, based on our belief that creating financial education opportunities is integral to growing and harnessing the power, efficiency and transparency of exchange traded markets. We are excited to continue our engagement with ZISHI to deliver education courses core to ICE’s business lines.

Grassroots Education at its Finest:

The ZISHI/ICE partnership extends beyond programme delivery for ICE, ICE members and clients into university qualifications. Summer 2023 saw ICE sponsoring students from multi-disciplinary academic and socio-economic backgrounds to undertake a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading qualification, delivered by ZISHI at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University.

Head of ICE Education, Neil Scurlock said of the programme, “we are proud to support this initiative to help broaden the students’ financial industry understanding, and in turn, nurture the next generation of market participants. The students were engaged, curious and pro-active“.

Designed with purpose, the highly immersive course stretches the students to become professionally competent and ‘work-ready’, building industry required skills and knowledge and, importantly, behaviours.

Looking Ahead:

As ZISHI and ICE enter the second year of their partnership, both organisations remain committed to advancing financial education. Plans for the upcoming year include expanding the internal curriculum, providing further ICE member support resources and delivering other client and new entrant development opportunities. Not least, “a strategic move to empower key decision-makers in businesses beyond the typical financial institutions with the expertise to deploy hedging strategies using derivatives,” says Chris Jenkins.

The success of the first year sets the stage for an exciting and impactful future, reinforcing ZISHI and ICE’s position as leaders in providing top-tier financial education solutions through collaborative efforts.


About ZISHI:

ZISHI | Resilience Through Knowledge. At the forefront of financial services training and qualifications for leaders, corporations and students, and for every level of financial markets trading. Delivering specialist knowledge to build resilience and support growth through our global network of expert trainers, consultants and practitioners to help you master tomorrow’s success.

For further information, please contact: Suzanne Sirett, Marketing Director, ZISHI, suzanne.sirett@thezishi.com

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Press release: "Uniting for Industry Excellence: ZISHI & ICE Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of Transformative Exchange and Clearing Development Programme."


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