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The difference in our training comes from the differences you need. We are the global experts in delivering bespoke solutions that unleash the rich potential in individuals and organisations. Bringing complex subjects to life in easy-to-understand ways that keep you, and your clients, at the cutting edge of change.



Our accredited courses and qualifications cover the full spectrum of financial services training and trading education. This also includes the maze of regulation, compliance, and governance.



Bespoke training programmes are led by a global network of skilled educator-practitioners. They are delivered in-person and with technology, individually or at scale.



With our finger on the regulator's pulse, we help your firm stay compliant and aligned to best practice in the marketplace.



Our coaching is especially useful for your more seasoned staff in their roles. Coaching is becoming the go to activity for those committed to self-development and improvement.



Our experts adapt and update their knowledge in real-time. Accessing and analysing the very latest data to ensure your knowledge never gets left behind.


From virtual to physical training in London’s City for our Level 5

We put the spotlight on our comprehensive training for traders

Creating resilience and discipline for success


Online, in-house, or remote trainer-led, the way we train is built around the relevant subject matter and you. We will customise our methods and delivery to make sure you achieve the right result every time.


To us, learning is a process rather than an event. Our trainers have the knowledge and the know-how to immerse themselves inside your business. This will apply their experience to help you learn with confidence.


In a fast-moving world, we have the connections, ability and expertise to take a hands on approach. Globally, we work with a range of partners. These include individuals, universities, and institutions to deliver complex subject matter in a simple way.

Online with support

Our cutting edge LMS technology will guide you through our courses clearly and efficiently. Alongside this knowledge, support is on hand through chat or email if you need it.

Blended offering

We utilise all the right tools in all the right ways. Simple to navigate portals, apps, online tests and simulations, alongside forums, webinars, mentoring and coaching sessions for easy engagement.

Experiential learning

We place a strong emphasis on experiential learning. We strive for group involvement incorporating discussions, case studies, role plays and exercises, as well as relevant theoretical aspects.

Logistical expertise

Our clients have unwavering trust in our training ability and the support we offer them. Our logistics team goes to great lengths to ensure we have unparalleled measures to make complex global multistream programmes easy.

Training approach

Our trainers

Our expert trainers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the topics they teach. Many of them have held senior roles in financial services or banks. Above all, they work together with every individual or team, to ensure we help everyone develop and expand their ability.

Our approach

We understand people learn in different ways. That's why we vary our approach to match. First taking into account the level of experience and knowledge, then exploring the learning environment and overall objectives. Enhancing and refining the experience for optimum success.

Our style

The style of our teaching and training is designed around the topic and individuals receiving it. From short online training sessions for busy professionals to hands-on learning for graduates, and extensive training courses for more in-depth learning, our delivery is always tailored towards results.

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