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Evidencing Effective Board Reporting

With better management information you’ll make better decisions (and demonstrate high standards to the regulators)



Evidencing Effective Board Reporting

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Course Overview


Good decisions require good information. Directors often blame poor information when outcomes turn bad. So naturally the board pack has come under increased regulatory scrutiny.


Weak board packs place your firm at risk of fines, redress and reputational damage.


With the FCA also focusing on personal accountability at the senior level (and with the quality of board packs the responsibility of directors), it is no surprise there is a demand for higher standards.


Learning Objectives


So join us for this practical two-hour workshop. We’ll help you think like a regulator and transform the quality of your board packs:


  • Recognise common reporting problems and how to overcome them.
  • Quickly improve the structure and content of your board packs.
  • Learn exactly what the regulator expects the board to see.
  • Get guidance and templates to share with all contributors.
  • Compare examples of good and bad reporting.
  • Learn strategies for more timely creation and distribution of packs.
  • Get valuable advice on ways to improve how your board operates.


Key Benefits


This training is not about better looking reports, or even just about regulatory compliance. Better management information can have profound effects on your firm:


  • Respond quickly to risks – Better information allows you to more quickly respond to conduct risks, helping you improve outcomes for your clients.
  • Avoid costly mistakes – Put your client’s interests and your firm’s integrity at the heart of your business, reducing your exposure to costly complaints.
  • Get closer to your clients – Better board packs help you better understand and respond to client needs and issues, building stronger relationships.
  • Impress the regulators – Easily demonstrate how seriously senior managers engage with and respect compliance issues in your firm.
  • Enjoy peace of mind – Get the extra comfort that comes with the ability to easily demonstrate high standards through better reporting processes.
Evidencing Effective Board Reporting

Course Modules


  • What are the standards?
  • What should you include?
  • Perfecting your board papers
  • Identify and overcome common problem

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Evidencing Effective Board Reporting

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