Evidencing The Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers - Course

Evidencing The Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers

Millions of consumers are classed as vulnerable. Make sure they feel valued (and stay loyal to your business)



Evidencing The Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers

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Course Overview


In 2015, the FCA published a report on consumer vulnerability. It was the first of its kind, and criticised a “computer says no” approach to vulnerable customers. The regulator called for organisations to introduce a “high-level policy on consumer vulnerability” as a result.


Since then, hybrid working and the requirements of Consumer Duty have seen renewed focus as more customers are becoming “vulnerable” for a variety of reasons -this is time to re-base your approach.


It’s a very sensitive subject. An overzealous application of the rules or unclear explanation of products has seen several global companies make headlines. Poor treatment could lead to lawsuits, penalties and a shrinking customer base. Yet most firms lack a strategic approach to consumer vulnerability.


Learning Objectives


The important thing is to recognise genuine need. This comprehensive training course will give you the tips and resources you need to introduce a compassionate strategy and meet the specific needs of your customers and of course comply with the regulatory requirements.


  • Recognise the signs and signals of a vulnerable client.
  • Introduce the tools to encourage the disclosure of vulnerability.
  • Bring conversations to successful conclusions.
  • Implement a robust framework that prevents false claims.
  • Protect your vulnerable customers from further distress.
  • Avoid reputational damage and financial penalties.


Key Benefits


Put fair treatment at the heart of your business.


  • Listen to your customers – Make them feel valued by your firm. You’ll reduce the stress they face in their time of need, and improve the customer experience. They’ll only have good things to say about your business as a result.
  • Create a culture of compassion – The impact of culture on a firm’s performance is at the forefront of the regulator’s mind. A formalised strategy for the treatment of vulnerable clients will help your firm become synonymous with good practice, while encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Reduce the pressure on staff – Faced with a vulnerable client, your front-line staff will feel the pressure of inflexible rules. A strategic approach to vulnerability will equip them with the skills to identify genuine need, and encourage them to give a tailored response.
  • Avoid the fallout of bad press – There have been several high-profile examples of unfair treatment, usually as a result of poor communication. Minimise the chance of any PR disasters with a structured policy for vulnerable customers.

Course Modules


  • An introduction to issues
  • Vulnerable customers: the facts
  • Engaging vulnerable customers and carers
  • Managing the process to outcome
  • Summary and next steps

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Evidencing The Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers

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