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Products, Markets & Key Concepts



Products, Markets & Key Concepts

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Course Overview


This engaging training course offers a thorough exploration of financial markets and derivatives, structured into four meticulously designed modules covering the financial markets’ fundamentals, hedge funds, financial products, and the post-trade process.


Participants will start with a deep dive into the roles, benchmarks, participants, and jargon of financial markets, followed by an in-depth analysis of hedge funds, including strategies, regulatory impacts, and fees.


The programme then shifts focus to the specifics of equity and commodity products, derivative instruments, and concludes with a detailed examination of the securities clearing and settlement process.



Learning Objectives


  • Provide insight into the financial markets in which your firm operates and the products and services it provides.
  • Demystifying the market jargon and terminology used in the marketplace and explain how the different parts of the financial environment work.
  • Understand the range of different investor types, their role in the markets and how they differ.
  • Provide a better understanding of the hedge fund universe and the role they play in the financial markets.
  • Learn about the common characteristics of hedge funds, how they are structured and the generic strategies which are either directional, arbitrage or global macro.
  • Understand the short-selling process and long/short equity strategies.
  • Distinguish between different types of asset classes and investment products.
  • Be cognisant of the interaction between cash and derivative markets.
  • Familiarise yourself with the use of futures and interest rate swaps and how they are used in the trading portfolio.
  • Provide a practical understanding of the securities settlement processes and the key players.
  • Explore the transaction flow from trade execution through to trade settlement and the role of the Central Counterparty (CCP) in the clearing and netting processes.

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