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Robotics Process Automation



Robotics Process Automation

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Course Overview


This course is designed to provide participants an insight into pertinent developments within Robotics Process Automation in the banking sector, key use cases and benefits, and its impact on their position in the future.


Further, it is intended to provide them with a view of how they can effectively strategise, plan, and implement robotics process automation initiatives within their organisation.




Learning Objectives


  • Understand the latest trends and developments in the field of RPA in the banking sector.
  • Understand the fundamental principles for implementing RPA.
  • Understand what RPA means in the context of a Digital Bank and what are the key areas of organisational operations impacted by it.
  • Gain perspectives into future scenarios for RPA, and their impact on participants’ positions in the short-, mid- and long-term future.
  • Design and prioritise the use cases for implementing RPA within the organisation.
  • Understand how to design the right RPA strategy, architecture, and digital initiatives for implementation.
  • Structure the operational buildout of Centre of Excellence and leverage it to lead the internal communication strategy.
  • Understand how to design RPA solutions and effectively implement RPA initiatives.
  • Understand how to drive and implement effective digital change within the organisation to maximise ROI from RPA initiatives.
  • Spotlight the regulatory and patent trends in RPA.
  • Gain an overview of primary KPIs and CSFs for tracking effective implementation of RPA initiatives within a Digital Bank.
  • Plan next steps for enabling RPA initiatives within the organisation.

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