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Learning brought to life. We offer access to the industry’s premier trading simulators through both our proprietary Options Trading Simulator developed in-house and cutting-edge tools from our meticulously selected industry partners.

Whether for new entrants or those looking to refine their expertise, our range of simulators are specifically designed to cater to all levels, allowing users to get as close to trading in a live environment as possible, without risk.

All of our seasoned trainers are former practitioners. In conjunction with our world-class simulators, this dual-expertise delivered through practical, classroom-based tuition ensures students are uniquely well equipped for trading before stepping foot on the floor.


Bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical application.

Our proprietary options trading platform takes simulation to another level, accelerating trading competence and understanding.

Unique in its gamification, Volcube caters for all levels of experience with a virtually unlimited number of simulations to support students practice and revise the principles and application of derivatives from a hedger or speculator perspective and, most importantly, provides the technically advanced insight of the market makers’ perspective within the trading simulations.

“[Since 2020,] our trainee traders have used Volcube to learn about options and volatility trading. We feel Volcube’s realistic market simulator combined with online learning tools is a really efficient and modern way for our trainees to learn to trade.” Jean F., Senior Trader, Mako Global.

Unlike other simulators, through its gamification, Volcube gives real-time guidance, insights and feedback to students, enabling them to continue their learning outside of the formal classroom.

Students assume the position of a market maker, gaining an understanding of option pricing and market flow as the simulator creates market scenarios from an algorithm. Enabling this independent practice outside of normal market hours is what sets our users apart, significantly accelerating their practical understanding of options trading.

Volcube is a full 360 of options knowledge and practice, students must understand the intricacies of pricing options, risk management and market flow in order to succeed. The feedback is designed for progression and comes with qualitative analyses and not just quantitative data.

Topics covered include:

  • • Market making & pricing options
  • • Options trading strategies
  • • Black-Scholes pricing model
  • • The Greeks & general risk management
  • • Pay-off profiles
  • • Portfolio construction
  • • Hedging using futures and options strategies

Take a look at how Volcube can support your learners and request a demo today.


Volcube Bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical application

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Whether one-to-one or group deliveries, entry level or boardroom executives, are consultants are here to develop a programme to meet your specific business needs.

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Dynamic training that provoked very constructive discussion and debate amongst all the board members. The level of engagement will help take the topic forward in the organisation in an informed and constructive manner.

iNED, International Retail Bank

The training is excellent. Very clear expression of content and easy to understand.

VP Head of Sales, Asian Bank

Unsurprisingly attracting the biggest and best firms in the city to use their expertise and skills.

Trainee Investment Manager, CISI Chartered Wealth Management Candidate

I highly recommend Credit Risk training for its comprehensive learning experience. The course content is well-structured, covering a wide range topics. The interactive modules and real-world case studies provide practical insights, ensuring participants gain a holistic understanding of key concepts. This is a valuable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in Credit Risk

Middle Eastern Investment Bank

Financial Markets training stands out for its engaging and interactive approach to learning. The use of group discussions, and interactive simulations makes the course not only informative but also enjoyable. Participants are actively involved in the learning process, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment. This course is an excellent choice for Financial Markets professionals looking for a hands-on and participatory learning experience.

US-based Hedge Fund

I strongly endorse ZISHI's graduate programme for its emphasis on practical application. The course not only equipped me with theoretical knowledge but also encouraged the application of concepts in real-world scenarios. The case studies and hands-on exercises provided valuable opportunities to practice and reinforce key skills. If you're looking for a graduate programme that translates theory into practical skills, ZISHI is an excellent choice.

Global Investment Bank

Since establishing a relationship, Mako has been working closely with ZISHI on their global Graduate and Intern Programmes, bringing a new level of engagement to our aspiring, young traders and software engineers. We share the same vision that education is paramount for establishing a solid understanding of the complex world of options market making. Through this partnership, we have witnessed meaningful growth and learning on both sides, underscoring our journey's focus on nurturing talent.

Business Partner, Mako

Excellent, well paced and clearly explained. [The trainer] is very respectful of differing knowledge levels among participants, and creates a comfortable environment that invites to ask questions, no matter how basic we may think they may be. Looking forward to the next session.

Participant, Intercontinental Exchange, Inc

Really enjoyed today’s session and interacting with [the trainer] and others.

Participant, Intercontinental Exchange, Inc

The best teaching I've had since formal education.

CII Examination Study Support Course, Life & Pension BPS Provider

Excellent trainer. I genuinely can't think of any suggestions for improvement.

CII Examination Study Support Course, Life & Pension BPS Provider

ZISHI are our go to training provider for T&C related issues

Wealth Management Firm, UK

Outstanding professional and friendly service, and fantastic knowledge base

Wealth Management Firm, UK

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