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Analyst Credit Training



Analyst Credit Training

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Course Overview


This dynamic and comprehensive course is tailored for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of corporate credit risk, debt restructuring, and financial analysis.


Spanning ten modules, the curriculum begins with a framework for evaluating corporate credit risk, exploring credit analysis fundamentals, ratings, borrower analysis, and market jargon. It progresses into detailed discussions on priority and subordination, financial statement analysis, and evaluating business models for sustainability.


The course offers a deep dive into debt products, capital structure analysis, and the critical role of covenants and documentation.


The latter modules focus on recovering value through corporate restructuring, covering strategies for managing financial distress, restructuring alternatives, and stakeholder management in out-of-court and judicially supervised processes.



Learning Objectives


  • Acquire a solid understanding of the framework for evaluating corporate credit risk, including the fundamentals of credit analysis, credit ratings, and borrower analysis, alongside familiarization with market-specific jargon.
  • Gain proficiency in analysing financial statements and business models, learning how to assess a company’s sustainability and operational viability through detailed financial and strategic evaluation.
  • Deepen knowledge of debt products and the intricacies of capital structure analysis, understanding the significance of various debt instruments and their impact on a company’s financial health and strategic flexibility.
  • Master the critical role of covenants and documentation in debt financing, learning how these legal frameworks protect creditors and influence corporate behaviour and financial strategy.
  • Explore strategies for recovering value in scenarios of financial distress, including the principles of debt restructuring, the evaluation of restructuring alternatives, and the management of stakeholder interests in both out-of-court and judicial processes.
  • Develop the skills to navigate complex corporate restructuring processes, from identifying signs of financial distress to implementing restructuring plans and managing the implications for stakeholders, ensuring the best possible outcome for distressed entities.

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