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Sub Sovereign Risk



Sub Sovereign Risk

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Course Overview


This interactive course aims to make participants fully aware of the approach to Risks related to Sub-Sovereign Public Authorities (SSPAs) – corresponding to “Local and Regional Governments” for Rating Agencies) from a Multilateral Development Bank perspective, using a combination of best industry practices on sub-sovereign risk analysis within the MDB community, rating agencies and institutions investors with real life case studies mixed with shorter practical examples.



Learning Objectives


  • Understand the unique aspects of sub-sovereign risk, including the factors that distinguish sub-sovereign public authorities (SSPAs) risks from those of sovereign and corporate entities, from the perspective of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).
  • Gain knowledge of the methodologies and frameworks used by MDBs, rating agencies, and institutional investors for analysing and assessing the risks associated with Local and Regional Governments (LRGs).
  • Develop the ability to apply best industry practices in sub-sovereign risk analysis, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative factors into comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Learn through real-life case studies that illustrate the complexities of sub-sovereign risk, including fiscal management, debt capacity, political risk, and economic factors impacting SSPAs.
  • Enhance skills in identifying, evaluating, and managing sub-sovereign risks through interactive sessions and practical examples that simulate real-world scenarios faced by MDBs and other financial institutions.
  • Prepare to effectively communicate and justify risk assessment findings and recommendations to stakeholders, utilizing insights gained from the course to support decision-making processes within the context of sub-sovereign financing and investment.

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