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Capital Markets

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Course Overview


This comprehensive course on Capital Markets offers a deep dive into the complexities and operational mechanisms of financial markets worldwide, tailored for professionals seeking a thorough understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications.


Beginning with an Introduction to Financial Markets, the course covers financing alternatives, equity and debt capital markets, foreign exchange markets, and the basics of derivatives. It progresses into the intricacies of Economics in Financial Markets, analysing policy instruments, economic indicators, and their impacts.


The course delves into the technicalities of Bond Maths, including pricing and yield curves, and explores the Fundamentals of the Debt and Equity Capital Markets, detailing primary issuance, risk quantification, IPO processes, and capital return strategies.


The Foreign Exchange Markets section addresses spot and forward markets, pricing, hedging, and corporate applications, while the First Steps in Derivatives and Fundamentals of Options sections introduce corporate risk, product applications, and Greek risk management tools. Advanced topics such as Inside Institutional Investors, Exploring Hedge Funds, Convertible Bonds, Asset Securitisation, and various derivatives and trading strategies across commodities, interest rates, and equity are thoroughly covered.


The course also examines hedge fund trading strategies, interest rate and cross-currency swaps applications, and offers insights into using interest rate options, equity derivatives, and foreign exchange derivatives for corporate risk management.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the Structure and Functioning of Capital Markets: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how capital markets operate, including financing alternatives, the roles of equity and debt capital markets, foreign exchange markets, and the introductory concepts of derivatives.
  • Analyse the Economic Factors Influencing Financial Markets: Learners will be able to interpret key economic indicators, understand policy goals and instruments, and assess the impact of economic data on financial markets, enabling them to make informed decisions based on economic trends.
  • Master Bond Mathematics: Attendees will acquire the skills to calculate bond pricing, understand yield curve relationships, and grasp complex concepts such as duration, convexity, and PV01, essential for managing bond investments and assessing interest rate risk.
  • Navigate the Debt and Equity Capital Markets: Participants will learn about the primary issuance process, risk quantification in bonds, the IPO process, secondary market operations, and strategies for returning capital to investors, providing them with a thorough grounding in both debt and equity markets.
  • Develop Expertise in Derivatives and Advanced Financial Instruments: Learners will delve into derivatives, options, and structured financial products, gaining knowledge on hedging strategies, pricing, and risk management tools, including an understanding of “the Greeks,” to manage and mitigate corporate risk effectively.
  • Apply Theoretical Knowledge to Practical Investment and Risk Management Scenarios: Through detailed exploration of hedge funds, convertible bonds, asset securitization, credit derivatives, and more, participants will be equipped to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world investment strategies, hedging practices, and risk management scenarios, enhancing their professional competencies in capital markets.

Course Modules


  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Economics in financial markets
  • Bond maths
  • Fundamentals of the debt capital markets
  • Fundamentals of the equity capital markets

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