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Corporate Financial Masterclass



Corporate Financial Masterclass

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Course Overview


The “Corporate Finance Masterclass” is an expansive course tailored for finance professionals seeking to elevate their expertise in corporate finance. It intricately covers the foundational blocks of corporate finance, corporate valuation techniques, frequent errors in valuation models, pricing analysis, finance and capital structuring, and leveraged finance, among other specialized topics. Participants will engage in case studies, including valuation analysis and financing structure failures, to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.


This masterclass also delves into limited recourse financing, evaluation in specialized contexts, modelling corporate cash flows, and offers a thorough overview of M&A regulation, planning acquisitions, and strategies for contested bids. Designed for a deep dive into the complexities of corporate finance, this course aims to enhance participants’ analytical skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities in the finance sector.


Learning Objectives


  • Distinguish Between Price and Value: Participants will learn to differentiate between the concepts of price and value within corporate finance, understanding the implications of market imperfections and the financial market cycle on valuation and pricing methodologies.​
  • Apply Advanced Valuation Techniques: Learners will master various corporate valuation techniques, recognize the limitations of accountancy-based data, and conduct sensitivity analysis, ensuring they can effectively apply these valuations in decision-making contexts.​
  • Identify and Correct Common Valuation Errors: Attendees will be equipped to identify frequently encountered errors in valuation models, including mismatch of time horizons and incorrect handling of inflation and currency exposures, and learn how to avoid these pitfalls.​
  • Develop Strategic Finance and Capital Structuring Skills: Participants will explore growth strategies, the role of liquidity, the myths of the ‘optimal capital structure’, and the contrasting schools of thought on the effect of leverage on value, preparing them for strategic financial planning and execution.​
  • Master Leveraged Finance and Limited Recourse Financing: Learners will delve into the structure and objectives of private equity funds, analyze businesses in the context of leveraged buyouts, and understand the evaluation methodology for limited recourse transactions, enhancing their capabilities in high-stakes finance environments.​
  • Navigate M&A Regulation and Plan Successful Acquisitions: Participants will gain insights into the legal and regulatory landscape of mergers and acquisitions, learn strategic planning for acquisitions, and understand the intricacies of contested bids, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate complex M&A activities successfully.
Corporate Financial Masterclass

Course Modules


  • The building blocks of corporate finance
  • Corporate valuation
  • Frequently encountered errors in valuation models
  • Pricing analysis
  • Finance & capital structuring
  • Leveraged finance
  • Limited recourse financing
  • Evaluation in other specialised contexts
  • Modelling corporate cashflows
  • A review of general skills
  • Shareholder value
  • Raising equity
  • Negotiated acquisitions – private treaty sales
  • Overview of M&A regulation
  • Planning acquisitions
  • Contested bids

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Corporate Financial Masterclass

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