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Project Finance School



Project Finance School

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Course Overview


The Project Finance School offers an intensive and detailed exploration into the complexities of financing projects through limited recourse financing structures. This course covers a wide array of critical topics, including the characteristics of project finance, the due diligence process, entity selection for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), and the pivotal role of project cash flow models in assessing debt versus commercial risk.


Participants will delve into contracts, cross-border enforcement, and dispute resolution mechanisms, with a special focus on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and infrastructure projects, highlighting the unique challenges and structures of these arrangements.


Pre-completion risks, market and operating risks, project cash flow and debt structuring, as well as technical issues in limited recourse financings, are thoroughly examined to equip participants with the skills needed to navigate through the complexities of project finance.


The course also addresses bond financing, sponsor perspectives, and the involvement of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), rounding off with “real life” case studies across various sectors to bridge theory with practice. Designed for professionals looking to deepen their understanding of project finance, this course blends analytical rigor with practical insights, ensuring participants are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of financing large-scale projects.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the fundamental characteristics of project finance, including the use of limited recourse financing, the critical role of due diligence, and the selection and significance of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).​
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge on structuring and managing contracts for project finance, including the enforcement challenges across borders and the mechanisms for dispute resolution.​
  • Explore the nuances of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and infrastructure projects, learning the motivations, objectives, and structures of concession agreements, as well as the differences between PPPs and industrial/extractive industry projects.​
  • Analyze pre-completion, market, and operating risks associated with project finance, including understanding the impact of liquidated damages, performance bonds, and the implications of market volatility on project success.​
  • Master project cash flow and debt structuring concepts, such as cash flow modeling, debt service coverage ratios, and techniques for mitigating risk through financial structuring and cash management strategies.​
  • Apply theoretical knowledge through practical, “real-life” case studies across various sectors, enhancing skills in project evaluation, financial modeling, and negotiation, to optimize practical project finance skills.
Project Finance School

Course Modules


  • Characteristics of project finance
  • Contracts and cross-border enforcement
  • PPP and infrastructure projects
  • Pre-completion
  • Market and operating risks
  • Project cash flow and debt structuring
  • Project cash flow models
  • Demonstration exercises
  • Technical issues in limited recourse financings
  • Bond financing
  • Sponsor perspective
  • Export credit agencies
  • “Real life” case studies – putting theory into practice

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Project Finance School

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