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Disruptive Technology & AI Masterclass



Disruptive Technology & AI Masterclass

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Course Overview


This is a comprehensive course designed to explore the radical disruption across various sectors driven by key technological advancements, with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the forefront of these changes.


This masterclass will introduce participants to disruptive technologies through simple definitions, strategic frameworks, and memorable case studies, providing insights into their potential impacts. A deep dive into AI and Machine Learning will demystify the concepts, highlight recent developments like ChatGPT, and address regulatory considerations.


Participants will engage in sector-specific brainstorming sessions to identify the impact of disruptive technologies in their fields, fostering a robust understanding and discussion. Additionally, the course offers unique insights into the application of leading technologies in Formula 1 (F1) racing, demonstrating how F1 innovations disrupt the sector and influence other industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, and agriculture.


Attendees will learn from F1’s approach to adopting disruptive technologies and processes swiftly to maintain a competitive edge, applying these lessons to drive innovation and strategic thinking in their own sectors.


Learning Objectives


  • Identify and understand key disruptive technologies shaping various sectors, including their definitions, strategic implications, and examples of how they have enabled radical business transformation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, differentiating between the two, exploring their potential, and discussing regulatory challenges and memorable case studies.
  • Apply strategic thinking to assess the impact of disruptive technologies within specific sectors, enhancing the ability to foresee industry trends and their implications for business strategy and innovation.
  • Learn from the application of disruptive technologies in Formula 1 (F1), including innovations like wings, carbon fibre, and hybrid powertrains, and understand how these technologies drive competition and adaptation.
  • Explore the translation of F1’s disruptive technologies and world-class processes, such as pit stop methodologies and design cycles, into other industries to improve efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.
  • Discuss the future potential of AI and Machine Learning within the context of F1 and their applicability to broader industry challenges, fostering insights into the art of quick implementation and adaptation to maintain market leadership.
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Course Modules


  • Segment 1 – Disruptive Technologies
  • Segment 2 – AI & Machine Learning
  • Segment 3 – Disruptive Technology in your sector
  • Segment 4 – Disruption from F1 into other industries.

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Disruptive Technology & AI Masterclass

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