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Introduction to Asset Management



Introduction to Asset Management

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Course Overview


This course offers a thorough foundation in asset management, starting from the basics of the global financial system, the structure of asset management companies, and the intricacies of capital markets. It delves into investor profiling, including understanding individual and institutional investor objectives, risk approaches, and the creation of Investment Policy Statements (IPS).


The course comprehensively covers financial regulation principles, investment strategies, asset allocation, and the nuances of different investment vehicles such as money markets, fixed income, and equity markets, as well as collective investments like mutual funds and ETFs.


Additionally, the programme explores alternative investments, comparing active and passive management styles, and other investment methodologies like top-down vs. bottom-up selection, and value vs. growth investing. Participants will also learn about risk management, performance measurement, and the importance of diversification and risk-adjusted performance metrics.


Learning Objectives


  • Analyse the structure and function of the global financial system, focusing on the roles, linkages, and structure of capital markets and the core departments within an asset management company.
  • Understand investor requirements and profiling techniques, including the identification of major investor classes, the formulation of Investment Policy Statements (IPS), and the application of Know Your Customer (KYC) principles.
  • Grasp the principles of financial regulation relevant to asset management, including fiduciary duties, conflict of interest management, anti-money laundering practices, and the distinction between appropriateness and suitability.
  • Evaluate various investment vehicles and strategies, including the differentiation between active and passive management, understanding of money markets, fixed income, and equity markets, as well as the role of collective investments and alternative investments.
  • Develop skills in asset allocation and investment overview, learning how to select asset classes, apply strategic vs. tactical allocation, and understand the implications of core vs. satellite investment approaches.
  • Master the concepts of risk management and performance measurement in asset management, including the understanding of investment risk, risk reduction techniques, performance attribution, and the application of absolute risk measures like Sharpe and Treynor ratios.
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Course Modules


  • Understanding the role and structure of an asset management company
  • Investor requirements and profiling
  • Financial regulation
  • Investment overview and asset allocation
  • Money markets
  • Fixed income markets
  • Role of bonds in a portfolio
  • Equity markets
  • Role of equities in a portfolio
  • Collective investments
  • Exchange traded funds (ETF’s)
  • Alternative investments
  • Active vs passive management styles
  • More investment styles
  • Risk and risk appetite
  • Performance measures

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Introduction to Asset Management

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