The Credit Analysis of SME's - Course

The Credit Analysis of SME’s



The Credit Analysis of SME’s

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Course Overview


This interactive course is designed for individuals who wish to learn how to apply a structured and comprehensive approach towards the assessment of the credit risk associated with SME borrowers (i.e. small and mid- sized entities with revenues typically below {$50m}).


Using case studies, exercises and group discussions, the course content covers the end-to-end analysis of credit risk from deal origination through to documentation signing. It will enhance participants’ understanding of why companies borrow, before showing them how to systematically review the business and commercial risks associated with a borrower’s trading activities. The objective of this review is to assess the potential impact on future debt service capability of the specific risks that are identified, and to consider how those risks might be mitigated and controlled. Time will also be devoted towards the objective assessment of a borrower’s management team to analyse their likely reaction and ability to deal with financial distress.


Having completed the commercial analysis referred to above, the training course will continue by providing instruction on how to approach the review of a borrower’s financial statements and projected future cashflows in a similarly objective and risk focused fashion; to establish the likely ability of the borrower to continue to meet its debt obligations throughout the life of a credit facility.


Finally, the programme will improve participants’ skills in relation to debt structuring; with instruction provided on how to use appropriate tools and controls to effectively protect a lender’s interests during the life of a loan.


Importantly, the group work undertaken as an integral part of this course will give delegates that opportunity to build a network with other practitioners within the Bank, supporting the exchange of ideas and solutions on credit risk analysis that will be of use in the future.


Learning Objectives


  • Gain the ability to apply an organised and consistent approach to the credit assessment of a potential borrower.
  • Acquire the ability to demonstrate a robust understanding of both the financial and non-financial drivers of a business and their potential impact on its future performance.
  • Gain solid understanding of the importance of cashflow as the key driver of the borrower’s ability to repay debt obligations.
  • Identify specific risks applicable to an individual business, and to establish tools and methods to protect the lender’s position against those risks.
  • Gain the knowledge to develop a strategy to effectively monitor transactions to capture early warning signals of credit quality deterioration.
  • Develop an understanding of the different legal business structures that may be adopted by borrowers, and how this might impact on the bank’s recovery options in the event of default.
  • Acquire the ability to write and present a clear credit rationale that is appropriately risk focused and which is clear, concise, compete and consistent.
The Credit Analysis of SME’s

Course Modules


  • Session 1: An Introduction to the Structured Approach of Credit Risk Assessment
  • Session 2: Business Risk Analysis
  • Session 3: Financial Risk Analysis
  • Session 4: Structural Risk And Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • Session 5: Option 1 – Presenting Credit Assessments
  • Session 5: Option 2 – Early Warning Signs Of Financial Distress

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The Credit Analysis of SME’s

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