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Excel, Modelling & Valuation



Excel, Modelling & Valuation

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Course Overview


This training course is designed for professionals aiming to master the intricacies of financial analysis and valuation using Excel.


The curriculum begins with fundamental Excel skills, covering basics, tricks, shortcuts, and essential functions, before progressing to more complex modelling techniques that include building financial frameworks, forecasting, scenario analysis, and constructing debt schedules.


Delve into LBO (Leveraged Buyout) modelling, exploring both basic and advanced structures and tools.


The programme further Excel’s application in emphasising essential mathematical and financial and data analysis tools.


Advanced topics include modelling and VBA for automation, principles of valuation and analysis, financial maths, and key Excel formulae for financial modelling.


Specialised modules cover the cost of capital, capital structure, financial forecasting, comparable company analysis, cash flow-based valuation, and merger modelling.


Participants will also explore sector­ specific valuation including real estate, oil and gas, and insurance, along with project finance principles, ensuring a thorough understanding of Excel’s powerful capabilities in various financial contexts.



Learning Objectives


  • Master Excel for Financial Modelling and Valuation: Navigate Excel with proficiency, mastering essential functions, shortcuts, and advanced tools for financial analysis, including a deep dive into Excel basics, tricks, mathematical, trigonometric functions, and key formulae specifically tailored for financial modelling.
  • Develop Comprehensive Financial Models: Construct basic, intermediate, and advanced financial models, including forecasting income statements, managing fixed assets and working capital, balancing balance sheets, linking cash flow statements, and conducting scenario and debt schedule analyses.
  • Perform LBO and Merger Modelling: Gain the knowledge to model leveraged buyouts (LBOs) from basic to advanced structures, including forecasting for LBOs, and to conduct merger and demerger modelling, analysing transactions, estimating synergies, and restructuring costs.
  • Apply Valuation Techniques across Different Sectors: Apply a range of valuation techniques, including cash flow-based valuation, comparable company analysis, and sector-specific valuation methods for industries such as real estate, oil and gas, and insurance companies.
  • Analyse and Forecast Financial Statements: Participants will be trained in financial forecasting, building comprehensive models to forecast income statements, cash flows, and balance sheets, and employing ratio analysis for deeper financial insights.
  • Integrate Corporate Strategy and Valuation: Understand the development and application of corporate strategy in financial modelling, including strategic options for case companies, cost of capital theories, and valuing distressed companies through non-traditional techniques and uncovering hidden values in distressed assets.

Course Modules


  • Excel functions and tools
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced modelling
  • LBO modelling
  • Excel for markets
  • Modelling and VBA
  • Principles of valuation and analysis
  • Financial maths
  • Excel for finance
  • Cost of capital and capital structure
  • Financial forecasting
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Cash flow based valuation
  • Merger modelling
  • The project finance view
  • Excel for finance
  • Cost of capital
  • Intermediate modelling
  • LBO valuation and modelling
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Valuing distressed companies
  • Valuing insurance companies
  • Real estate valuation

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Excel, Modelling & Valuation

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