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Banking for Non Bankers



Banking for Non Bankers

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Course Overview


This course offers a comprehensive guide to the essential aspects of banking and finance for those new to the field or looking to expand their understanding. Starting with an Introduction to Banking, participants will explore the fundamentals, including the bank’s balance sheet, revenue generation methods, and the latest trends and challenges in the banking sector.


The course then progresses to Introduction to Lending, where learners will gain insights into credit, the nuances of retail and business banking, and the pivotal role of securitization. Delving into the world of financial markets, the course covers primary and secondary markets, the mechanics of interest rates, and an introduction to derivatives, providing a solid foundation in financial market operations.


Lastly, the Introduction to Investment Products section demystifies investment vehicles, emphasizing diversification, asset allocation, and understanding different investor types.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the Fundamental Structure of Banks: Participants will be able to explain the basic structure of a bank, including understanding a bank’s balance sheet and how banks generate revenue, providing a solid foundation in banking operations.
  • Grasp the Essentials of Banking Trends and Pressures: Learners will identify current trends affecting the banking industry and understand the pressures facing banks today, enabling them to appreciate the dynamic nature of the banking sector.
  • Comprehend Credit and Lending Practices: Attendees will gain knowledge on the principles of credit, differences in lending practices between retail and business banking, and the role of securitization in banking, equipping them with the skills to understand lending operations.
  • Navigate Financial Markets: Participants will learn about the functioning of primary and secondary markets, the factors influencing interest rates, and the basics of derivatives, which will allow them to navigate and understand financial markets more effectively.
  • Identify and Understand Various Investment Products: Learners will be introduced to a range of investment products, understanding the importance of diversification and asset allocation, and recognizing different investor types, which will help them make informed investment decisions.
  • Apply Knowledge to Real-world Financial Decisions: Through the knowledge gained from this course, participants will be able to apply their understanding of banking, lending, financial markets, and investment strategies to real-world personal or professional financial decisions, enhancing their financial literacy and decision-making skills.

Course Modules


  • Introduction to banking
  • Introduction to lending
  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Introduction to investment products


For group bookings, to discuss tailored delivery or for any questions about this course, please get in touch:

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