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Transaction Banking & Cash Management Masterclass



Transaction Banking & Cash Management Masterclass

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Course Overview


This comprehensive Transaction Banking & Cash Management Masterclass will focus on the overall needs of a typical company organisation and its treasury activities and operations. It will examine how clients’ strategy and business models drive the need for effective Treasury & Cash management within the organisation and how this impacts the client’s requirement for transaction banking services.


We will also investigate how transaction banking is digitalising and how the digital transformation is impacting the ecosystem of banks and companies and the disruptive forces of start-ups and technology.


The training provides a four-step approach.

  • Firstly, it covers all aspects of Transaction Banking, both from a corporate treasury and a transaction banking perspective, while FX, Liquidity, Risk, Technology, Trade & Supply chain finance are fully integrated as it is an integrated part of transaction service from the company’s perspective.
  • Secondly, focus on the needs of the corporate client and how the Bank is able to fulfil these needs by its Balance Sheet and technology to offer the services to its selective client groups not only today but also for the future.
  • Thirdly, we will explore how transaction banking is disrupted by technology, fintech’s and market forces as well how new technology is disrupting and how banks should empower their staff to add value.
  • Lastly, we will make the translation how the Banks value proposition delivers value to its customers.


This programme will allow bank staff to better understand how the bank’s transaction banking solutions can support its customers in a way that is both efficient and financially rewarding for both sides.




Learning Objectives


  • Understand how and why a company manages its transactions and cash.
  • Appreciate what a corporate treasurer does in a typical day.
  • Understand how the bank’s transaction banking products and services can meet the needs of the corporate customer.
  • Understand the cash and liquidity management offering from their own bank.
  • The impact of these services on the banks’ balance sheet and funding requirements.
  • Understand how to offer an integrated transaction banking service to their clients including treasury, FX trade finance, supply chain, cash management, product and sales knowledge.
  • Understand the impact of technology and the move towards digital transformation for their own activities, for their clients and for the banks as a whole.
  • Impact of FinTech’s and their disruptive nature and what can we learn from them, turning a possible threat into an opportunity.
  • New trends within the payment landscape like, open banking, on- and offline payments and infrastructure like Swift and blockchain.
  • Apply what has been learned to examples from their own experience and to case studies supplied.

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