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Annual Competence Assessment



Annual Competence Assessment

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Course Overview


The Senior Management & Certification Regime (SMCR) and Consumer Duty have made it imperative for firms to substantiate the competence of their people and their ability to provide good consumer outcomes.


The ad hoc assessment of your people’s competence is no longer acceptable as evidence, especially when it comes to supporting the Senior Management Function that holds Prescribed Responsibility b: responsibility for the firm’s performance of its obligations under the certification regime.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  • How do you prove to the regulator and your accredited body that your people are competent to do the job they have been employed to do?
  • What evidence has the firm got to prove your people have been effectively assessed as competent and are actively maintaining their competence?


If this is proving difficult, we could have the answer.


Assessment Centres


  • Highly experienced at running assessment centres
    The partners and consultants at ZISHI have been providing competency assessments for a number of years for regulated roles to a wide range of firms across financial services. We understand what is required and how to assess in the most efficient and effective way. We can undertake the facilitation and management of your process from start to finish.
  • Cost effective
    The most cost-effective way of assessing competence is through an assessment centre using role plays and case studies. However, if required we can assess live client facing situations. For those individuals who undertake dealing with advice we can listen to calls either on site or remotely given the customer technology.We can assess live client files at an individual’s place of work. However, in order to assess the competence of an individual to correctly transfer the information collected from the client into ‘client files’ it is better if a role-play is followed through with an assessment of the completion of the client file documentation and Portfolio construction if relevant.

    Your supervisors (often managing and advising their own clients) are free to continue with day-to-day activities and only need to review the evidence we collect as part of their ongoing competence assessments of the team.

  • Authentic clients
    We provide actors who play the part of clients. They are experienced at playing a cross-section of financial services clients and have been doing this for many years, so react exactly as genuine clients will i.e. if you do not ask the question they will not supply you with the relevant information or if you use financial jargon that a normal customer wouldn’t recognise they will question you or look confused.
  • Constructive feedback
    We give constructive feedback to everyone who is assessed.


Evidence of competence


Upon completion, you will be provided with:

  • Completed observation forms (using your documentation) to evidence the outcome of the assessment of competence in the client fact finding / KYC meeting and Dealing with Advice telephone call.
  • Completed client file assessment forms to ensure correct completion of the file documentation and Portfolio construction.
  • Development points where required and a recommended course of action if necessary.
  • A recording of the roleplay can be provided should there be any cause to question the assessment of competence.


If you would like to keep the assessment of competence in-house but lack the capacity or experience to design a competency framework, we can do that for you too. Simply get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Annual Competence Assessment

Course Modules


Off-the-shelf technical CPD sessions
Our technical CPD sessions are designed for those that give Investment Advice.


Feedback has been extremely positive with IMs and Advisers reporting they have found the workshops very helpful in the different aspects of their role. For example, the following sessions proved valuable in their considerations for suitability:


  • Taxation update: what IM’s and FP’s should be aware of
  • Pensions update: what IMs and FP’s should know about the pension freedoms when speaking to clients
  • Offshore Bonds: the must know information when considering the use of offshore bonds
  • Structured Products: what are the considerations for IMs & FP’s in portfolio construction

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Annual Competence Assessment

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