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Cyber Security



Cyber Security

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Course Overview


This course provides an in-depth exploration into the contemporary cyber threat landscape, strategic responses to evolving threats, and the lifecycle of cyber risk management.


Starting with an understanding of how cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities through a burglary analogy, this course covers social engineering, the cyber ‘kill chain’, and the impact of technology evolution like the Internet of Things and AI on cyber security.


Participants will engage in a practical online demonstration of hostile intelligence gathering and analyze real-world case studies to understand supply chain risks and the forms of cyber harm. A strategic briefing, leveraging insights from the UK National Cybercrime Security Centre, offers a global perspective on cyber threats, including cyber warfare and strategic international responses.


The course concludes with a comprehensive overview of cyber risk management, covering best practices, standards, frameworks, and effective strategies for embedding cybersecurity behaviors within organizations.


Designed for individuals seeking to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and skills, this course is essential for navigating the complexities of protecting digital assets in an increasingly interconnected world.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the cyber threat and risk landscape, including the techniques used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technology, through practical demonstrations and real-world case studies.
  • Gain insights into social engineering tactics, the cyber ‘kill chain’, and the evolution of technology threats including the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), and their impact on cyber security.
  • Analyze the forms of cyber harm and supply chain risks, leveraging relevant case studies to understand the broader implications of cyber threats on individuals and organizations.
  • Acquire knowledge from a strategic briefing informed by the UK National Cybercrime Security Centre, encompassing recent global cyber events, the use of cyber as a weapon, and strategic international responses to cyber threats.
  • Learn about the cyber risk management lifecycle, including the application of best-practice frameworks and standards, and a SCRUM approach to managing cybersecurity risks effectively.
  • Develop skills for embedding cybersecurity behaviors within organizations, understanding the importance of employee awareness, securing buy-in, and the adoption of security controls through effective risk management and cost-benefit analysis.
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Course Modules


  • Segment 1 – The Cybersecurity Threat/Risk Landscape
  • Segment 2 – Site visit and Strategic Cyber Threat briefing
  • Segment 3 – The Cyber Risk Management Life Cycle

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Cyber Security

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