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Corporate Valuation



Corporate Valuation

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Course Overview


The “Corporate Valuation” course offers a comprehensive exploration of the foundational principles and advanced techniques required for accurately assessing the value of corporates.


This in-depth curriculum begins with a distinction between price and value, addressing the influence of share market trends, and detailing various valuation and pricing techniques alongside their strengths and weaknesses. It delves into the central role of risk, company dynamics including cash flow volatility, and the critical analysis of free cash flow (FCF), return on capital (ROC), and internal rate of return (IRR), while highlighting the limitations of accounting-based data.


The course further examines the pricing of risk and discounted cash flow (DCF) methods, sensitivities analysis, and the impact of financing decisions on valuation, including the effects of leverage and the concept of optimal capital structure.


Participants will also learn to identify and correct frequent errors in valuation models, understand the intricacies of pricing including cross-border comparative analysis and the valuation implications for leveraged financings, private equity, and leveraged buyouts (LBOs). The course concludes with strategies for enhancing shareholder value, the correct calculations of IRR & NPV, and forecasting corporate performance through financial modeling.


Aimed at finance professionals, this masterclass equips participants with the skills to make informed valuation decisions, leveraging both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.


Learning Objectives


  • Distinguish Price from Value: Participants will learn the fundamental differences between price and value in the context of corporate valuation, understanding how market trends and fashions impact these assessments.​
  • Master Valuation and Pricing Techniques: Learners will gain a deep understanding of various valuation and pricing methodologies, their application, strengths, weaknesses, and the perspective from which each technique should be approached, enabling them to select and apply the most appropriate method for different valuation scenarios.​
  • Understand and Manage Risk in Valuation: Attendees will explore the central importance of risk, including company dynamics like cash flow volatility, and learn how to incorporate risk considerations into their valuation models effectively.​
  • Identify and Correct Common Valuation Errors: Participants will be equipped to recognize and rectify common errors in valuation models, such as the misuse of proxies, inconsistency of time horizons, and incorrect modeling of currencies and inflation.​
  • Apply Advanced Concepts in Financing Decisions: Learners will delve into the effects of financing decisions on corporate valuation, examining the impact of leverage, the fallacy of the optimal capital structure, and the valuation approaches for leveraged financings and limited recourse financed investments.​
  • Enhance Shareholder Value through Strategic Valuation: Participants will learn how to evaluate managerial performance, calculate Economic Value Added (EVA), and understand its role in strategy formation, ultimately aiming to enhance shareholder value through informed and strategic valuation decisions.​

Corporate Valuation

Course Modules


  • Foundation principles of corporate valuation
  • The pricing of risk & DCF
  • Frequently encountered errors in valuation models
  • Pricing
  • The influence of financing decisions
  • Adaptations to approach
  • Strategies & shareholder value
  • The correct calculations of IRR & NPV
  • Forecasting corporate performance

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Corporate Valuation

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