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Management & Behavioural Skills



Management & Behavioural Skills

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Course Overview


This comprehensive course on Management & Behavioural Skills is designed to enhance the professional competencies of individuals across various sectors, focusing on the development of interpersonal, client, business, and management skills.


Participants will start by boosting their interpersonal skills, gaining insights into self-awareness, emotional intelligence, team collaboration, stress management, and effective communication techniques. The course then progresses to client skills, where learners will master customer service excellence, strategic negotiation, high-impact presentations, and the nuances of managing and nurturing client relationships, along with strategies for selling and cross-selling. In the business skills module, attendees will delve into critical thinking and problem-solving, project management, business and advanced report writing, understanding international business cultures, and specific training for Wealth Managers including technical and sales skills.


The management segment prepares participants for leadership roles, covering the transition to management, change management, coaching and mentoring, team building, strategic planning, staff performance management, finance for non-finance managers, and leadership principles, with a special focus on strategic management in banking.


Learning Objectives


  • Enhance Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Participants will develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and effective communication strategies, enabling them to work efficiently in teams, manage stress, and optimise time management, contributing to improved personal and professional relationships.
  • Master Client Engagement and Relationship Management: Learners will acquire the skills to deliver customer service excellence, engage in strategic negotiation, create high-impact presentations, conduct productive client meetings, manage ongoing client relationships, and employ effective selling and cross-selling techniques.
  • Develop Essential Business Skills: Attendees will learn to navigate complex business challenges through problem-solving, manage projects efficiently, and communicate effectively through business and advanced report writing. They will also gain insights into international business cultures, practices, and etiquette, along with specialised training for Wealth Managers.
  • Prepare for Leadership and Management Roles: Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful transition to management, including managing change, coaching and mentoring, team building, strategic planning, and managing staff performance.
  • Apply Financial Acumen in Non-Financial Contexts: Learners will understand the basics of finance relevant to non-finance managers, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial decision-making, enhancing their ability to contribute to the financial health of their organisation.
  • Understand and Implement Strategic Management Practices in Banking: Participants will explore the principles of strategic management within the banking sector, learning to lead with vision, navigate the complexities of the financial industry, and drive organisational success through effective leadership and strategic decision-making.

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